Mahonia Land Trust


Paul and Patti's

Flying Onion Farm is made up of three separate fields.  In total we cultivate just under 4 acres.

The first is located at home on The Mahonia Land Trust Conservancy, a 65 acre property dedicated to preserving green space on the edge of the urban growth boundary. As the property is mostly wooded, the field is small, sloped and boxed in by forest.  Certainly not the perfect farmland.  Our greenhouse and young orchard are also located here as well as the asparagus patch.  Far from ideal, we've been working hard to build soil and find what grows best in the shade of the trees.

The second is on the neighboring property owned by our friend Marilyn.  With mostly flat land, full sun and well drained soil, it's just the opposite of our home field.  Included here is a small orchard of apples, pears and table grapes that with our help bears nicely for us and the neighbors.

Our third field is just up the road on our friends Paul and Patti's land.  In the 60 years Patti's family has lived here, they only ever used their large back field to keep a few horses and graze some cows.  Because no irrigation is available, we do our best to work with the rain and plant overwintering and early spring crops that harvest before the long, dry summer sets in.