A little history:
Mark was working as a landscaper in Portland in the early 90's when his boss pointed out a tendency of his.  Apparently Mark was suggesting to clients that they consider planting edibles instead of the usual suspects of arbovita and rhododendron, etc.  "You should probably be a farmer" his boss casually said one day.  A few months later Mark quit landscaping and got his first internship at an organic farm and from that point on, he never looked back.  
For two seasons he was a pushy intern, learning as much as he could from his mentor farmer before moving south to the sunny skies of Grants Pass.  There he spent three years on a beautiful organic farm on the Rogue river, learning about seed saving, medicinal herbs and orchard management, all while share cropping a few acres to start his first market farm.  The Ashland farmers market was growing fast and the customers there really liked his diverse selection of fruits and veggies, especially the strange and exciting heirloom varieties he was one of the only farmers growing.  For a few more years he moved around Southern Oregon, renting land and growing the business.  
In 2005 he decided to move back North to be closer to Portland and to experiment with large scale organic production.  One year working at a 120 acre farm near Corvallis was all it took for him to realize that bigger is not always better and he started looking for something more his scale and style.  
Mahonia Land Trust was supposed to be a temporary stop while looking for land of his own, but gradually the community and the land grew on him until finally he realized that he had already arrived at "home".  Flying Onion Farm became a reality in 2007 and continues to grow and change along with the farmers and the amazing world around it.