Hi everyone! I will be taking most of the season off from the farmers markets. So many projects have been building up at the farm that need attention and I found that while the farm is at full steam, it's impossible to get caught up.
Thanks so much for all the wonderful support over all these years. I'll miss seeing all you at the markets and look forward to catching up when I return. Probably I'll be back at Peoples early Winter with fruit.

At market this week we have: Not much!

When we return you can find us at:
Peoples Farmers Market, every Wed from 2-7.
Woodstock Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am-2pm (June-October).

Small, diverse, personal. 
Welcome to Flying Onion Farm.
We're passionate about growing food and it shows.
Beautiful, lush vegetables.  Heirloom and new varieties. Perfectly ripened fruits. Nutrient rich and delicious. Raised by hand, from seed to harvest.

Welcome to what we do best.