Late Spring
This is the magical time of the year when the whole season plan starts to come together. The time when the organizing and contemplation of the long winter months actually becomes a reality. Seeds are in the ground and growing strong, rows of plants are carefully transplanted to their waiting beds. Watching waiting and weeding becomes the mantra as the farm picture begins to unfold with colors, textures and flavors of the food we love to grow and eat.
The spring weather has so far been wonderful and given us just the right amount of time between storms to get plenty of work done. Apple and pear fruit set is fantastic, garlic is as tall as my chest, broccoli is just starting to head. There are so many seedlings just starting the cycle of their growth that I catch myself just staring at the plants, amazed that yet again, it's happening.
I'm happy to welcome onboard this season our two amazing interns, Olivia and Leslie. Their wonderful help and strong desire to learn has really made this spring a joy for me.
At market this week we have: Lettuce, spinach, salad mix, new potatoes, early zucchini, asparagus, salad turnips, radish, kale, mixed cooking greens, fennel bulbs, spring onions, garlic scapes, and more!
Soon we'll start with early tomatoes and cucumbers and all the summers bounty, come see us at market soon!

You can find us at:
Peoples Farmers Market, every Wed from 2-7.
Woodstock Farmers Market every sunday from June 1 through October (10am-2pm).
See ya soon!

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